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How to Stay Productive While Working from Home.

During these unprecedented times, many of us are working from home. Although most real estate professionals have the advantage of doing much of their work away from the office anyways, the current pandemic presents new challenges.
Besides the obvious obstacles like not being able to host open houses, agents and brokers are facing more pressing personal finances issues as the crisis lurches on. Here are some tactics for staying productive while you’re working remotely:
Create a Workspace
One of the best ways to be more productive at home is to create a dedicated workspace for yourself. Whether it’s an office you already have set up or an area on your kitchen table that you’ve organized, having a workspace is vital to handling tasks while at home. Nothing hampers productivity like laying in your bed all day on your phone or laptop.
Set a Schedule
Being at home during this pandemic could be much worse, but it isn’t without physical and mental effects. The longer in quarantine, the more the days blend together for many people—it’s easy to forget what day it is. Due to this, it’s more important now than ever to set a schedule for yourself every day. Write out all the tasks you need to get done for the day, or use this moment as a time to utilize your CRM more deeply.
Attend Online Webinars
As important as it is to stay up-to-date on the current situation, it’s also important for your own well-being and the well-being of your business to stay informed on what’s happening in the real estate industry. With all the extra time you’ll be spending at home, take advantage of those extra hours by attending webinars and remaining a resource for your clients.
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