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Top Traits of a Skilled Negotiator – #RealEstate –

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term “skilled negotiator?” Do you think of someone who can walk into a room, and when the stakes are high, and there’s a deal on the table, they’re able to walk away with a signed contract in their favor?

#WhatIf being a skilled negotiator was more than just getting a signed contract? What if negotiating was more than just winning a deal?

When determining whether you’ve got what it takes to negotiate a deal that delivers the extraordinary to your clients, it may help to have a list of key qualities to measure. Here are our top 5 takeaways of a skilled negotiator:

You’ve learned the element of emotional control- When negotiations are underway, it’s easy to become emotionally vested. When you’ve learned the element of emotional control, you’re able to establish a distance between how you feel while staying focused on reaching your goal. You know how to talk about someone else, speak about someone else, and keep your emotional control in the room. Emotional control doesn’t mean you don’t have empathy, it simply means you know how to set how you feel aside and how to stay in the moment.

You’re honest with who you’re representing- A skilled negotiator is always honest. You understand that being honest about the good and the bad are the building blocks of the relationship. You value your client’s trust and you see them as more than a transaction, but as a person that you are helping achieve a goal. Despite how much of a challenge it can be to share information that may not be favorable, you are able to push past the obstacles because it is more important to you to be honest, keep your client informed, and to give them 121%.

You know that relationships are key- Relationships are important, while at, and away from the negotiation table. When you know that relationships are key, you will go above and beyond to make things more relational vs transactional. You’ve got what it takes to understand what makes people tick and you leverage this to create a personalized experience for your client. You’re understanding, and you navigate through each point of the process to deliver the extraordinary to who you’re representing. 

You’re a master communicator- One of the greatest assets you can bring to the negotiation table is to keep the lines of communication open. When you’re a master communicator, you set healthy expectations in the beginning and you continue to keep your client informed of what’s happening. A master communicator always knows how to keep the client feeling a part of the process, every step of the way.

You maintain consistency throughout the process- There are many times when a negotiation can take a few rounds to reach a mutual agreement for both sides. A consistent communicator knows when and how to leverage different strategies throughout the process. When you’re consistent, you aren’t swayed by delays or when things take a different turn than you had expected. You remain focused on not only reaching a favorable outcome for who you are representing but you desire for both sides to feel good about the outcome.

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