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Having a well-written business plan is one of the best ways to start the year strong. Careful planning allows you to stay focused and organized, keeping you on the path to achieving your goals. In fact, you’re 76% more likely to reach your goals when you write them down.

Get started on crafting the perfect plan for success in the new year with these tips.

Create Action Steps
List the strategies you will implement to reach your goals. To make this easier, break down these steps into small tasks and give deadlines for each one. By making the tasks smaller, they become less daunting and more achievable. And by giving yourself deadlines for each task, you make the action steps easier to organize. Plus, deadlines have been shown to boost motivation!

Track Your Finances
When you run your own business, money management is incredibly important, which is why your plan should include a section for tracking your finances. Start by using an app or spreadsheet to separate your personal and business expenses. This will give you a clearer view of the health of your business. Then, pay yourself a salary based on your budget and remember to factor in taxes, an emergency reserve and a retirement fund. By identifying and tracking your expenses, you’ll make it that much easier to achieve your goals in the new year and beyond.

Consider What Worked in the Past
Reflect on what you accomplished in 2021 when planning for 2022. If a strategy has been proven to work, think of ways to implement it into your new plan. Write down the habits and tactics that kept you on track and use them to help you reach new achievements. Reflecting on what’s worked in the past will also serve as a reminder of what you’re capable of doing. This is a great way to bolster your confidence and spur you forward.

Get a Coach
When it comes to accomplishing your goals in the new year, planning and coaching are a winning combination. A good real estate coach will work with you or your team to recognize your strengths, map out a strategic plan and overcome challenges while keeping you on track. You will get the support you need to stay focused and achieve your true potential.

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