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Mother’s Day Traditions You can Start This Year

Serve Breakfast in Bed

Serving breakfast in bed is truly a Mother’s Day classic, whether or not it’s a true breakfast or more of a Mother’s Day brunch. Go the extra mile for your mom by putting those overnight oats or homemade waffles on a painted Mother’s Day craft: a hand-painted tray.

Take Some Family Time

Take Mother’s Day as an opportunity to spend time as a family unit with no screens, chores, or work distracting you. Mother’s Day activities could mean reading together, enjoying a favorite movie or cooking a meal together. The best Mother’s Day gift is the gift of quality time!

Plant a Garden

Planting a special perennial is a great way to be reminded of Mother’s Day year after year. Getting in the garden with Mom is a great way to make memories and gives new meaning to Mother’s Day flowers. Give her a gift card to a local greenhouse or grab a new set of gardening gloves she can wear during your gardening day.

Dish Up Some Chocolate

Whether it’s in a cake or in a box, chocolate is more than welcome on Mother’s Day. This chocolate-cherry stack cake—with chocolate-dipped cherries as garnish—is sure to be a favorite.

Give a Card

Mom just wants to know she’s appreciated. Craft a handmade Mother’s Day card like this bright and cheery paper flower card and fill the inside with thoughtful sentiments. If you need help expressing your feelings, these heartfelt Mother’s Day quotes can help you get started.

Have a Spa Day

Mother’s Day is a time for all moms to kick their feet up and relax. Unique Mother’s Day gifts can include treating mom to a spa trip, planning at-home mani/pedis for a DIY spa day, or giving a self-care gift basket with bath bombs and other items made for relaxation.

Give Mother’s Day Flowers

Give a bouquet as pretty as Mom this Mother’s Day. Simple touches—like featuring flowers that are her favorite color—go a long way in showing Mom she’s loved. Make your own arrangement from grocery store flowers, or order one of our favorite bouquets from small flower farms.

Make Mom Coupons

A classic Mother’s Day craft for kids: A DIY coupon book! Redeemable for sweet favors like cleaning your room without being asked and free hugs that never expire, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Download the entire book, pick up some crayons and get coloring!

A New Spin on Gardening

Planting flowers in the garden is so last Mother’s Day. This year, turn it up a notch with a terrarium-making sesh. Start with sand, shells, rocks and colorful brush to create the base, then look to low-maintenance air plants to fill it up. The trendy succulents require just one quick dip under the faucet each week.

Have a Picnic

Take advantage of the springtime weather and plan an outdoor picnic party for your mom. A lovely garden setting and tasty finger foods (like a simple charcuterie board) are sure to make this Mother’s Day Instagram-worthy.

Treat Mom with Alone Time

Treat Mom to some much-deserved alone time. Clear the house of kids, pets, and unwanted distractions. While the rest of the family enjoys a day out, leave mom with some peace and quiet to catch up on her DVR or her favorite books.

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