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Maintenance Tasks to Perform on Your Home Before You Sell

There are important repairs you need to take care of to ensure you sell your home. Although the housing market is extremely hot right now, a house that has been poorly maintained may lower your sale price drastically. Therefore, it is important to ensure that every corner of the house is well maintained and repairs are completed in damaged areas.

Here are some of the repairs and maintenance tasks you need to perform in your home before you sell it:


Dedicate some time to tend to your lawn. Remove any dried leaves and cut the grass to give your lawn a welcoming look. Trim any bushes around your property to an appropriate size and collect any garbage that may be on your lawn. This is a simple chore you can do on your own; however, if you’re short on time, you can hire a professional landscaper to help you maintain the exterior of your home. Additionally, consider revitalizing the entryway of your home by planting flowers.

Repair Your AC System

Before you sell your home, ensure that the AC system is in good working condition. A poorly functioning AC may not attract many buyers due to the inconveniences that may arise, such as raised energy bills and repair costs. An up-to-date AC system makes a home much more welcoming. Therefore, consider AC repair before listing your home on the market.

Replace Your Doors and Windows

Buyers will likely enter your home through the front door, so make sure it provides a good first impression on the buyer. Through proper maintenance, a door can swing open with ease without making a creaking sound. Consider repainting or replacing your front door if it looks weathered. Also, be sure to replace any damaged windows with new, attractive ones. This can raise your home’s value significantly.

Bathroom Repairs

Although you may have overlooked this room over the years, it’s now time to bring a serene atmosphere to this area of your home before you sell it. Replace the towel rack with a new one and consider hanging a new mirror to help reflect natural light into the room. Most importantly, ensure that all the plumbing is up-to-date.

The tasks listed above have the potential to not only speed up the sale of your home, but also add a considerable amount of value to it. Consider tackling some of these repairs before selling your home!

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Source: http://blog.rismedia.com/2021/maintenance-tasks-home-before-sell/

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