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Buying a house is one of the biggest investment that a person can make. Although it is rewarding despite the stressful process of contract negotiations and lots of paperwork for the mortgage application, owning that new home doesn’t stop there. Part of the process is the home inspection. The following are home inspection tips that every home buyer or seller should know. 

Why Is Home Inspection important? 

By purpose, a home inspection is to identify any defects or problems not visible to the eye during the visual inspection conducted by the home buyer. For sellers, make sure that you are aware of any defects of the home that should be disclosed to the buyer, because this can lead to the ultimate refusal of the purchase. For buyers, this can be an opportunity to ask for repairs, or perhaps take a little credit because of the needed corrections. It is therefore, recommended by real estate experts like us that a home inspection is a must.

What to look for during Home Inspection?
1. Take note of any discoloration on the walls or ceilings. This is typically an indication of water damage. This could be from a leaking pipe or roof, or improperly installed window flashing. Any water damage could be expensive in the long run, if not corrected quickly.
2. Wood Damage especially on hardwood floors and fascia boards. Look for lines that resemble trails of some sort or wood that has been deteriorated . A house that reflects this kind of mark is an indication that there could be wood-destroying insects, such as termites in the house.
3. Feel the windows to notice if the air gets through any openings. This can create higher energy bills during the summer season. This home inspection tip is so easy to do while you are inside the house, just extend your hands across the window to see if you feel air.
4. Cracked Foundations. Although this does not always indicate any serious problem it is prudent to know the signs of damage even on the outer structure of the property.
These home inspection tips are just a handful of tips you can find online. This short list is easy to remember when viewing your prospective homes. 

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