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Features to Include in Your Master Bathroom Remodel

Although a master bathroom, at its core, is simply a place to heed nature’s call, take a bath and get ready for the day, it should provide many more features. Ultimately, the factor that determines how you can use your master bathroom is how you choose to design your space.

If you think carefully through the design, adding clever features along the way, you can transform your master bathroom into an inviting retreat that also happens to have the basic functions that all bathrooms share.

Adjustable Lighting

Your master bathroom should be a place where you can relax. There’s no better way to set a relaxing mood than to install adjustable lighting. This feature allows you to select bright lighting to help you wake up and get ready in the morning and then dim the lights in the evening as you soak away the stresses of the day. Try adding multiple light fixtures for even more control.

Soaking Tub

Adding a soaking or jetted tub to your new bathroom will turn it into a place that you never want to leave. The warm water around your body can have significant therapeutic effects that you won’t want to live without. You can further customize your new tub by having a plumber install a waterfall faucet so that you can enjoy the relaxing sound of rushing water as you prepare for your bath.

Heated Floors

Due to the moisture that’s present in a bathroom, hard-surface floors are the only way to go. With hard-surface floors, though, come cold feet on cold mornings. However, if you have heated floors in your bathroom, cold feet will be a thing of the past. Radiant heating under tile floors is fairly easy to install if you do it before the flooring is put in. Plus, the heat rising from the floor can help make the entire bathroom warmer.

Water Closet

A water closet is a small enclosed area behind a door or wall that is exclusively for the toilet. While some people view a water closet as an unnecessary luxury, these small rooms actually have exceptional functionality. With a water closet in your master bathroom, it essentially converts one bathroom into two with the added privacy the water closet provides. Plus, the exhaust fan will be much more effective at removing foul odors when it only has to evacuate a small room.

Worth Every Penny

Taking the time to create a well-designed master bathroom is worth the time and money involved. In addition to providing a great retreat for you to enjoy at the end of a long day, a modern bathroom can add considerable value to your home. Therefore, if you’ve been waiting to put your plans into action, it only makes sense to take the plunge and get started.

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