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Cozy is Trending in Home Design

The pandemic is ushering in an era of cozier vibes in home decor. As more people stay home due to COVID-19, homeowners are looking for ultra comfort in their nests.

The cozy theme is being shown off through warmer neutral shades. This marks a comeback of hues like tans, beiges, ivories, pale yellows, and mocha browns, reports Houzz, a home remodeling resource. “These shades mix well with the warm grays that also are popular,” Houzz notes. “The colors work nicely with the chunky wool knits, nubby textiles, and fringe.”

Indeed, more homeowners may be seeking a sense of security and calm in interior spaces. “When the world is full of uncertainty, having a space that feels like an escape from the outside world, with soft and cozy materials, light colors and relaxing vibes, will be a prerequisite of design,” said design guru Bobby Berk of Netflix’s “Queer Eye”.

An added element he uses to create a relaxed vibe is an oil diffuser. For example, Berk recommends the calming effects of lavender in the bedroom, while peppermint scent in the home office can stimulate productivity.

More designers also are bringing in nature through “biophilic design,” which incorporates nature indoors with colors, materials, and live plants that promote health and wellness. This may include terrariums, moss, and other glass-enclosed indoor gardens. In the kitchen, herb gardens may be on display.

Other ways to make a home cozy: Incorporate fluffy pillows, silky throws, and small faux-fur rugs. Also, add in more natural light. Open up drapes and consider leaving windows bare or with only see-through sheers to let more light filter in. Also, sellers could consider staging a reading nook or a place to relax in a corner of the living room, which only features a comfy chair, pillows, and draped blanket.

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