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The Perfect Song for Your Open House?

A study found that music influences diners’ food choices in a restaurant, but what works for an open house? Consider local tastes and a home’s style when choosing.

NEW YORK – A 2015 study by Australian researchers found that the type of music playing can influence the meals people select from menus and even how much money they spend.

The findings suggest that playing music – the right kind, at least – during an open house can enhance an agent’s real estate sales rate.

But what kind of music? When choosing for an open house, agents should consider the house’s tone, the local real estate market, the demographics of targeted buyers, and who might attend. Agents say instrumental tunes often create a calming atmosphere, but they should also check playlists on platforms like Spotify to see what other agents have selected for past real estate open houses.

If a home has a surround-sound system, agents may ask permission to use it during the open house. Otherwise, they can hide speakers in each room throughout the home to create the desired effect. Some agents even play different tracks in different parts of the home, though they keep the volume low enough that the different tracks don’t compete with each other or prevent people from talking.

On the other hand, any type of mood music should be loud enough that people can easily hear it without straining.

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