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10 Reasons to Move to Florida

reasons to move to florida

While thousands of people choose to retire in Florida every year, I’m going to attempt to make the case why you should start relocating to Florida before you hit your golden years. I made the move in 2012 and have loved every minute in the Sunshine State – here are some of the best reasons to hurry up and move to Florida already.

10. You can eat outside all year round

And play tennis, and golf, and do pretty much anything outside all year round for that matter. If you’re relocating to Florida, just remember to watch out for the thunder storms in the summer.

9. The sunsets

And in particular, the color of the sunsets. Purple? Only in Florida.

8. No more shoveling snow out of the driveway

No more seeing snow (except on the news). The warmer weather is definitely one of the top reasons to move to Florida.

7. You’ll get to know the local wildlife

My personal favorite creatures are the manatees. Hopefully, you don’t get to know the gators too well.

6. The scenic drives

When you’re ready to drive to Key West, your trip will consist of 42 bridges. Including the famous Seven Mile Bridge.

5. You’ll become a watersports expert

Kite-surfing, snorkeling, scuba-diving in underground caves – do you really need more reasons to move to Florida?

4. And the fish are (almost) always biting

Mahi-Mahi, Flounder, Grouper, Snapper, Marlin. Florida boasts over 500 native species of saltwater and 200 species of freshwater fish.

3. There’s always a place to lounge

Pull up a chair, lay up in a hammock, or just float. It’s good for your health.

2. Your kids (or future kids) will be forever grateful

With Disney and Universal nearby, you’re sure to be a hero.

1. The beach

Obviously. It’ll be your second home.

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